X'tyfe XP
X'tyfe XP Other Paks Configs And Skins Maps And Misc

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Some of the files here have recently been replaced with self extracting archives to save
space and download time.

Here you will find the custom pak files that I have made for the game Quake2.  There purpose is to enhance your playing experience (hence XP) with the aid of new sounds, hud, skins, and more...

I did not make most of the files contained in my paks, however, I do take credit for modifying some of the images and sounds and putting it all together as it is now.

These paks were designed with the newer engines in mind. All images are in PNG format that are not native to vanilla Quake2, some sounds are also of higher quality. It works with R1Q2 with the aid of R1GL, APRQ2 and EGL (both have not been tested lately). I will also say that it's meant for OpenGL as well, as I know there are some who still use Software mode.

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